Fix your broken flip flop – Easily.

Majority of people would throw away their broken flip flops, as there was no lasting fix. Fix your Flop now has the solution to fix your broken flops. Simply screw onto the broken thong and fixed!

Place the other Skrewitz on your key ring for any future blowouts for you or a friend!

Instruction video

More than 10 million flip flops are thrown away every year.

We all love flip flops, they are comfortable, affordable and generally durable. However, that’s also a big part of the problem, when they are discarded they don’t go away. Fix your Flop’s are proudly recyclable and contribute to the environment by minimizing the amount of plastic waste from humans.

Fix Your Flop - Enviromental

Fix Your Flop instruction guide.

*Fits onto most types of rubber strap flip flops

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